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  • How big are CNUT Bags?
    The volume corresponds to approx. 2 liters. The bag is 20 cm wide and has a diameter of almost 11 cm. Enough storage space for keys, wallet, mobile phone, sunglasses, handkerchiefs and energy bars.
  • How do I attach my CNUT Bag to the bike?
    Assembly is very easy. You can quickly and easily buckle your CNUT bag to the handlebars or frame with the supplied seat belt straps.
  • How can I clean my CNUT Bag?
    If your CNUT bag ever gets dirty, you can easily clean it by hand with a wet cloth and a little mild detergent. Cleaning in the washing machine is NOT possible.
  • How much are the shipping costs?
    Your CNUT Bag will be shipped climate-neutrally via DHL. Within Germany for €7. Within the EU for €15. International shipping available upon prior request. Just send us a message.
  • Is it also possible to see CNUT Bags on site?
    Yes, CNUT Bags also cooperates with local bike shops: - Bike & Sport Blaichach Immenstädter Strasse 24 87544 Blaichach - Mobile BIKES Sandauer Strasse 244 86899 Landsberg or Kaiser-Max-Strasse 17 87600 Kaufbeuren - Pedaleur - specialist shop for bicycle culture Rabengasse 14 89073 Ulm - Limit Bikes Sonthofener Strasse 2 87545 Castle Hill
  • Can I also offer CNUT Bags in my bike shop?
    I'd love to! Please send us a message and we can discuss everything else.
  • Who is behind CNUT Bags?
    CNUT Bags was founded in 2021 by Jonas. For as long as he can remember, bicycles have played an important role in his life. His dad had a small bicycle workshop, so it was natural that bicycles were part of his everyday life. His family rode their bikes almost every weekend and the bike was also a loyal companion on camping holidays. Jonas rode MTB for many years. In 2018 he then bought a gravel bike because he liked to speed over dirt roads/gravel but wanted to cover long distances even faster. Meanwhile, it has covered more than 15,000 km in the past 3.5 years. His longest tour was 900 km in six days along the Danube from Neuburg/Donau to Budapest. He currently lives in the Allgäu (Kempten) and loves cycling through the beautiful landscape, having decent climbs and beautiful views 😉 But he also likes to gravel along the Danube in his home near Neuburg/Donau.
  • How did the idea for CNUT Bags come about?
    As a passionate cyclist, CNUT Bag founder Jonas knows how important good accessories are. He's on the slopes almost every day and has found out, especially on small/medium-sized tours, that a backpack is usually too big and bulky to just stow away the "essentials" such as cell phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, handkerchiefs and bars. That's why he was looking for a nice handlebar bag. However, he only found models from overseas that were visually appealing, which were often far too expensive for the quality offered due to shipping and customs and also did not show a good ecological balance sheet. That's why Jonas came up with the idea of producing stylish handlebar bags regionally. Since his mother is a seamstress, they bought the first fabric together and tinkered and tried it out at home. However, going into production on the sewing machine at home was not optimal and so it was clear that they had to seek help. It was important to Jonas that CNUT Bags are not cheap mass production from the Far East, but that all handlebar bags come from regional and social production. With the Regens-Wagner-Foundation, he has found a direct contact on site (Hohenwart/Pfaffenhofen) and can ensure that all bags are manufactured according to fair and high-quality standards in Bavarian craftsmanship.
  • How deep can I dive with my CNUT Bag?
    CNUT bags are water-repellent against splash water and rain showers thanks to high-quality 1000 Cordura. However, we do not recommend longer dives.
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